Windows Tip: Batch script for local backups using xcopy

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Over the years I’ve used all sorts of various scripts to automate mundane processes and backup procedures. Today I’m sharing a simple .bat file that xcopy’s 2 folders to a backup location. This script can easily be added to the windows scheduler to run at desired intervals. @echo off cls set staffbackup=e:\NAS-BACKUP\staff set groupbackup=e:\NAS-BACKUP\groups set… Read more »

Hardware Tip: Enabling Wake-on-LAN on ASUS P5K motherboards.

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1. Enter BIOS setup using usual password. 2. Navigate to Power settings menu. 3. Adjust APM Configuration to include boot from PCIE devices 4. Hit F10 to save (may have to toggle f-lock key on MS keyboards) 5. Boot back up, login and press windows key + pause/break key to enter System Properties. 7. Navigate… Read more »

WordPress Tip: Posting via google apps email addresses

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After spending at least 20 minutes pulling my hair out today, I stumbled across some cryptic post that made a whole lot of sense. When setting up wordpress to accept posts via a google apps email address (or any gmail address I would assume), you enter the host as ssl:// instead of just Funny… Read more »

Software Tip: Mount ReadyNAS when domain is unreachable

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After a major power outage here in Southern Ontario, our ReadyNAS 1100 and our active directory system stopped talking to each other. Before making any configuration changes, I wanted to create a backup of all data just incase things got worse. I started by plugging an external USB drive into the front of the ReadyNAS… Read more »

Software Tip: Disable VIA HDeck welcome popup message

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Building some new PCs at work, there are a few annoyances that I’m removing before imaging. Here’s the first one; how to disable the via hdeck.exe welcome message popup. Open \Program Files\VIA\VIAudioi\HDeck.ini Find the bShowWelcomeMsg=1 line and change it to bShowWelcomeMsg=0 Save and close the file No more annoying popups when you reboot!

Linux Tip: Resize an ext3 partition with gparted

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Recently I embarked on a cleaning spree prompted by full capacity on my filedrive (where all my digital media lives). After shuffling files all around the system, deleting old OS files that were no longer needed, etc, I had 3x 100gb partitions with just a little bit of stuff in each. What I wanted was… Read more »

Firefox Tip: Install AdBlock Plus for all users

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As Firefox still is pretty vaguely suppored in an enterprise environment, it is handy to install AdBlockPlus for all users when setting up the Default User profile. This post over in the AdBlockPlus FAQ describes the process a little more indepth, but the barebones of it is: Download & Extract current AdBlockPlus.xpi file to a… Read more »

NOD32 Tip: Disable orange icon for system updates

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At work I have to install NOD32 in conjunction with DeepFreeze. One annoying thing about this, is the orange icon and annoying messages telling the user they should update the computer. Turns out, it’s super easy to turn off this feature. Just go turn on the advanced settings tree and navigate to Tools > System… Read more »

VMWare Server Tip: fix VMWare after a kernel upgrade

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When you upgrade the kernel on a linux based host, you have to do a reboot for the system to actually start utilizing the new kernel. One thing you’ll notice, is that when you restart, your virtual machines, including the webaccess are unavailable and stopped responding. What do you do? Panic!!(?) No. You simply have… Read more »

Software Tip: Removing McAffee EPO/Framework manually

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At work we’re changing our anti-virus protection over from the McAffee VSE 8.5i with EPO framework out and moving to ESET’s nod32. While the majority of machines are fine if you just remove the program using add/remove programs, then follow up with the McAffeeCleanupTool.exe, although many machines (especially Vista based) are having difficulty removing the… Read more »

Atrium Tip: Installing Open Atrium

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If you haven’t checked out Open Atrium yet, you really should. Dubbed as an opensource “out of the box intranet”, it is a very polished and slick looking fork custom installation of Drupal designed to assist in establishing efficient collaboration within working groups, and most importantly as an important building block towards your own customized… Read more »

Linux Tip: auto mount remote hdd via fstab

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To map a remote samba share in Linux with read-write access and a username and password, you will require samba. In debian based distros, this is easily obtained via sudo apt-get install samba. Create a secure credentials file: tim@ubuntu-server:~$ cd /root tim@ubuntu-server:/root$ su Password: root@ubuntu-server:~# echo username=username > .smbpasswd root@ubuntu-server:~# echo password=password >> .smbpasswd root@ubuntu-server:~#… Read more »

MySQL Tip: How To Sterilize a MySQL database

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To sterilize the any mysql database and reset auto increments to 0, without deleting the table you can: Login to database: mysql -u dbusername -p Delete all rows: DELETE FROM databasename; // (not specifying terms deletes all rows) Reset Auto-inc: ALTER TABLE databasename AUTO_INCREMENT = 0;

Mac Tip: Resize Bootcamp Partition

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To resize your bootcamp partition, you: convert the filesystem to ntfs (convert c: /fs:ntfs). clone the windows partition using the free program Winclone. open bootcamp assistant and “restore” drive to original state (remove bootcamp partition) reboot, open bootcamp assistant, create larger bootcamp partition reboot, restore original image to new partition If you have VM Fusion,… Read more »

Sunbird Tip: Syncing to gCal with offline support

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Using GCalDaemon, SunBird and google, can work together nicely! install SunBird install GCALDaemon and configure account (including run GCALDaemon standalone bat file to configure/test copy each URL from GCALDaemon account list setup calendars in SunBird individually (new calendar -> network -> paste ical url) install FG Printers extension for enhanced print support once working… Read more »

Windows Tip: Block SP upgrades for a year!

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If you want to wait until you’re sure that all the bugs are out of the latest Windows service pack for your OS, you can use a registry entry to block the automatic installation. 1. Open up Notepad and copy the following: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate] “DoNotAllowSP”=dword:00000001 2. Save the text file and rename it to “Block Windows SP.reg?“. Then merge it into the registry by double clicking it. Note: This registry entry will only… Read more »