Software Tip: Mount ReadyNAS when domain is unreachable

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After a major power outage here in Southern Ontario, our ReadyNAS 1100 and our active directory system stopped talking to each other. Before making any configuration changes, I wanted to create a backup of all data just incase things got worse. I started by plugging an external USB drive into the front of the ReadyNAS… Read more »

NOD32 Tip: Disable orange icon for system updates

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At work I have to install NOD32 in conjunction with DeepFreeze. One annoying thing about this, is the orange icon and annoying messages telling the user they should update the computer. Turns out, it’s super easy to turn off this feature. Just go turn on the advanced settings tree and navigate to Tools > System… Read more »

Software Tip: Removing McAffee EPO/Framework manually

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At work we’re changing our anti-virus protection over from the McAffee VSE 8.5i with EPO framework out and moving to ESET’s nod32. While the majority of machines are fine if you just remove the program using add/remove programs, then follow up with the McAffeeCleanupTool.exe, although many machines (especially Vista based) are having difficulty removing the… Read more »

Voicemail Tip: Set an expiry date for away messages

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To set an expiration date on a temporary greeting… To record the greeting: While logged in to your mailbox, press 82. Press 3 for TEMPORARY greeting. Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone, then record. Press # to end your recording. Press 9 to set the expiration date so you don’t have to delete… Read more »