Office 2007 Tip: Pin Files to the Recent Docs Menu

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Office 2007 makes the Recent Documents list more efficient by allowing you to pin your regularly used documents to the list so that they aren’t removed from the list. This saves you from needlessly hunting for your important Excel, Word, and/or PowerPoint documents. Click the Office Button in the upper-left corner of your Office program… Read more »

FireFox Tip: Smaller Toolbar Icons

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In both Firefox 3 and Firefox 2, you can shrink your toolbar icons quickly. Right click toolbar Goto customize Check “Use Small Icons” Voila!

gCal Tip: Set Default View

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If you’re constantly selecting a different view of your calendar instead of using the default, then you should change the default view to one that better suits your needs. That way, you’ll always see what you want each time you view your calendar. Go to Google Calendar. Click the Settings link in the upper right… Read more »

Gcal Tip: Reset Private URLs

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Have you shared your Google Calendar’s private address with someone who you no longer want seeing your events? Here’s how to reset the private address so they can’t keep tabs on you. Go to your Google Calendar. On the left side of the page, go to My Calendars. Click the dropdown arrow next to the… Read more »

Google Reader Tip: Shared Items

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Google Reader’s Shared Items Page allows you to share the various gems you find as you browse the RSS feeds with everyone else. You can give your page a style to have it better fit your interests. Go to Google Reader and login to your account. From the menu, expand Your stuff and select Shared… Read more »

Gmail Tip: Shorthand Searching

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Gmail has it’s own shorthand to use when searching the built-in labels. This makes it much quicker to type in your search query. By using the following shorthand in the Search box, you can easily specify the label you wish to search. You use l to represent the term label followed by a colon then… Read more »

FireFox Tip: Fix Corrupt Extension Files

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Files that store information about the extensions you have installed can sometimes be corrupted. Deleting them can fix a number of extension issues; they will be regenerated the next time you start Firefox. Exit Firefox completely open your Firefox profile folder (read the linked article for its location) and delete* these three files: extensions.ini extensions.cache… Read more »

Windows Tip: Sync your clock to NTP servers via cmd

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To quickly sync your clock, open a command prompt as an administrator and type the following command: w32tm /resync Quick and simple, works in Vista and XP, and definitley helpful when a dying battery clock starts leaving you a few minutes behind every day, especially if added to your startup folder.

XP Tip: Save Mapped Drive Password

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How to save a mapped drive password in XP The manage network passwords utility in XP doesn’t have an add password function so you have to goto the command prompt and use the following: NET USE U: \\NETHOME\USERID /PERSISTENT:YES /SAVECRED This will prompt you for the Username and Password and store them.