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Building some new PCs at work, there are a few annoyances that I’m removing before imaging. Here’s the first one; how to disable the via hdeck.exe welcome message popup.

  • Open \Program Files\VIA\VIAudioi\HDeck.ini
  • Find the bShowWelcomeMsg=1 line and change it to bShowWelcomeMsg=0
  • Save and close the file

No more annoying popups when you reboot!

3 Responses to “Software Tip: Disable VIA HDeck welcome popup message”

  1. Chris Molin

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It works! Thank you very much!

    Comes this popup message from my own OEM windows XP? Or from an other place?
    What is this HDeck?

    Best regards,


  2. tim

    Hi Chris,

    HDeck is a software package installed with drivers for some sound cards. I ran into them onboard an Asus motherboard. Although on the machines I made the changes to, it now crashes on login to active directory..

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