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After a major power outage here in Southern Ontario, our ReadyNAS 1100 and our active directory system stopped talking to each other. Before making any configuration changes, I wanted to create a backup of all data just incase things got worse.

I started by plugging an external USB drive into the front of the ReadyNAS and initiating a backup of volume C to the USB drive. 2.5 hours later and it was still “In Progress” with no log files indicating just how far into the process it was. Sick of waiting, I decided to map the staff, student and group shares and do an xcopy to a large drive on my desktop. It was actually very easy and uses one of my favorite command line tricks : net use. Remember, you’re using the ReadyNAS local admin account, NOT an AD account.

  1. Start -> Run ->
  2. net use Z: \\orillianas\students /USER:admin   
    • (enter password when prompted)
    • confirm files are there by running
      explorer z:
  3. xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /k /y z:\ f:\nas\students

IF you want to retain the ACLs, add /o to the above command!

You should get verbose output in your command window showing the progress. Once it returns to the command prompt, you’re done and can exit.

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