Linux Tip: Resize an ext3 partition with gparted

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Recently I embarked on a cleaning spree prompted by full capacity on my filedrive (where all my digital media lives). After shuffling files all around the system, deleting old OS files that were no longer needed, etc, I had 3x 100gb partitions with just a little bit of stuff in each. What I wanted was… Read more »

VMWare Server Tip: fix VMWare after a kernel upgrade

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When you upgrade the kernel on a linux based host, you have to do a reboot for the system to actually start utilizing the new kernel. One thing you’ll notice, is that when you restart, your virtual machines, including the webaccess are unavailable and stopped responding. What do you do? Panic!!(?) No. You simply have… Read more »

Atrium Tip: Installing Open Atrium

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If you haven’t checked out Open Atrium yet, you really should. Dubbed as an opensource “out of the box intranet”, it is a very polished and slick looking fork custom installation of Drupal designed to assist in establishing efficient collaboration within working groups, and most importantly as an important building block towards your own customized… Read more »

Linux Tip: auto mount remote hdd via fstab

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To map a remote samba share in Linux with read-write access and a username and password, you will require samba. In debian based distros, this is easily obtained via sudo apt-get install samba. Create a secure credentials file: tim@ubuntu-server:~$ cd /root tim@ubuntu-server:/root$ su Password: root@ubuntu-server:~# echo username=username > .smbpasswd root@ubuntu-server:~# echo password=password >> .smbpasswd root@ubuntu-server:~#… Read more »