Hardware Tip: Enabling Wake-on-LAN on ASUS P5K motherboards.

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1. Enter BIOS setup using usual password. 2. Navigate to Power settings menu. 3. Adjust APM Configuration to include boot from PCIE devices 4. Hit F10 to save (may have to toggle f-lock key on MS keyboards) 5. Boot back up, login and press windows key + pause/break key to enter System Properties. 7. Navigate… Read more »

Linux Tip: Resize an ext3 partition with gparted

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Recently I embarked on a cleaning spree prompted by full capacity on my filedrive (where all my digital media lives). After shuffling files all around the system, deleting old OS files that were no longer needed, etc, I had 3x 100gb partitions with just a little bit of stuff in each. What I wanted was… Read more »