Software Tip: Mount ReadyNAS when domain is unreachable

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After a major power outage here in Southern Ontario, our ReadyNAS 1100 and our active directory system stopped talking to each other. Before making any configuration changes, I wanted to create a backup of all data just incase things got worse. I started by plugging an external USB drive into the front of the ReadyNAS… Read more »

Software Tip: Disable VIA HDeck welcome popup message

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Building some new PCs at work, there are a few annoyances that I’m removing before imaging. Here’s the first one; how to disable the via hdeck.exe welcome message popup. Open \Program Files\VIA\VIAudioi\HDeck.ini Find the bShowWelcomeMsg=1 line and change it to bShowWelcomeMsg=0 Save and close the file No more annoying popups when you reboot!

Linux Tip: Resize an ext3 partition with gparted

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Recently I embarked on a cleaning spree prompted by full capacity on my filedrive (where all my digital media lives). After shuffling files all around the system, deleting old OS files that were no longer needed, etc, I had 3x 100gb partitions with just a little bit of stuff in each. What I wanted was… Read more »

Firefox Tip: Install AdBlock Plus for all users

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As Firefox still is pretty vaguely suppored in an enterprise environment, it is handy to install AdBlockPlus for all users when setting up the Default User profile. This post over in the AdBlockPlus FAQ describes the process a little more indepth, but the barebones of it is: Download & Extract current AdBlockPlus.xpi file to a… Read more »

NOD32 Tip: Disable orange icon for system updates

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At work I have to install NOD32 in conjunction with DeepFreeze. One annoying thing about this, is the orange icon and annoying messages telling the user they should update the computer. Turns out, it’s super easy to turn off this feature. Just go turn on the advanced settings tree and navigate to Tools > System… Read more »

VMWare Server Tip: fix VMWare after a kernel upgrade

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When you upgrade the kernel on a linux based host, you have to do a reboot for the system to actually start utilizing the new kernel. One thing you’ll notice, is that when you restart, your virtual machines, including the webaccess are unavailable and stopped responding. What do you do? Panic!!(?) No. You simply have… Read more »