WordPress Tip: Posting via google apps email addresses

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After spending at least 20 minutes pulling my hair out today, I stumbled across some cryptic post that made a whole lot of sense. When setting up wordpress to accept posts via a google apps email address (or any gmail address I would assume), you enter the host as ssl://pop.gmail.com instead of just pop.gmail.com. Funny… Read more »

Sunbird Tip: Syncing to gCal with offline support

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Using GCalDaemon, SunBird and google, can work together nicely! install SunBird install GCALDaemon and configure account (including @domain.com) run GCALDaemon standalone bat file to configure/test copy each URL from GCALDaemon account list setup calendars in SunBird individually (new calendar -> network -> paste ical url) install FG Printers extension for enhanced print support once working… Read more »

gCal Tip: Set Default View

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If you’re constantly selecting a different view of your calendar instead of using the default, then you should change the default view to one that better suits your needs. That way, you’ll always see what you want each time you view your calendar. Go to Google Calendar. Click the Settings link in the upper right… Read more »

Gcal Tip: Reset Private URLs

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Have you shared your Google Calendar’s private address with someone who you no longer want seeing your events? Here’s how to reset the private address so they can’t keep tabs on you. Go to your Google Calendar. On the left side of the page, go to My Calendars. Click the dropdown arrow next to the… Read more »

Google Reader Tip: Shared Items

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Google Reader’s Shared Items Page allows you to share the various gems you find as you browse the RSS feeds with everyone else. You can give your page a style to have it better fit your interests. Go to Google Reader and login to your account. From the menu, expand Your stuff and select Shared… Read more »