Software Tip: Disable VIA HDeck welcome popup message

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Building some new PCs at work, there are a few annoyances that I’m removing before imaging. Here’s the first one; how to disable the via hdeck.exe welcome message popup. Open \Program Files\VIA\VIAudioi\HDeck.ini Find the bShowWelcomeMsg=1 line and change it to bShowWelcomeMsg=0 Save and close the file No more annoying popups when you reboot!

NOD32 Tip: Disable orange icon for system updates

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At work I have to install NOD32 in conjunction with DeepFreeze. One annoying thing about this, is the orange icon and annoying messages telling the user they should update the computer. Turns out, it’s super easy to turn off this feature. Just go turn on the advanced settings tree and navigate to Tools > System… Read more »

Office Tip: Enable/Disable proofing

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From time to time a user may have disabled Word’s built in proofing (spelling and grammar checking). To re-enable it, highlight all the words in the document, goto the REVIEW tab and select Set Language. You will likely see a checked checkbox labeled Do not check spelling or grammar. Removing this check will re-enable the proofing on this document only. To re-enable for all new documents by default, click on the button labeled Default.. Click YES and you’re… Read more »

Vista Tip: Disabling UAC

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This is the cure for toshiba laptops going black after bootup. (Originally posted at ) Option #4 is probably the easiest to try to explain over the phone. This is the cause of black screens after login on Toshiba laptops running Windows Vista!! Although UAC clearly improves the security on Windows Vista, under some scenarios you might want to disable it, for example when giving demos in front of an audience… Read more »