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Hello World!

After well over a year of being offline, I decided I wanted to migrate it and a few other old web projects over to one of my hosted accounts. Problem — These sites lived on a virtual machine and I’m no longer running VMWare Server and have since had multiple OS reinstallations and a HDD upgrade.

From Linux I mounted my old harddrives, located the directory with the .vmdk and made a copy to experiment with. Turns out, it’s way easier to make this happen than you’d think.

  1. Install VirtualBox (if not already done) and start application
  2. Click the “New” button
  3. Tell VirtualBox the type of OS, allocate RAM, etc
  4. When prompted to create a new hard disk drive, load your existing .vmdk file
  5. Edit the network adapter settings to be Bridged instead of NAT (and clone your MAC if required)
  6. Start your virtual machine! You’re done!

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