Linux Tip: auto mount remote hdd via fstab

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To map a remote samba share in Linux with read-write access and a username and password, you will require samba. In debian based distros, this is easily obtained via sudo apt-get install samba. Create a secure credentials file: tim@ubuntu-server:~$ cd /root tim@ubuntu-server:/root$ su Password: root@ubuntu-server:~# echo username=username > .smbpasswd root@ubuntu-server:~# echo password=password >> .smbpasswd root@ubuntu-server:~#… Read more »

Google Reader Tip: Shared Items

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Google Reader’s Shared Items Page allows you to share the various gems you find as you browse the RSS feeds with everyone else. You can give your page a style to have it better fit your interests. Go to Google Reader and login to your account. From the menu, expand Your stuff and select Shared… Read more »